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The world’s first B2B
email campaign & survey
selling engine 

Finally, enablement, sales, marketing, bizdev, and customer service can run automated sales plays through their sales team and partner channel, not around them.

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Cloud & Mobile Native

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Data Driven
Sales Signals

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Correlated Analytics

Integrated Simplicity

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Accelerate sales strategies at scale;
in days
not months.

Get in market in under one day, it’s that easy.

At Selgine, we execute high-impact B2B sales campaigns & surveys with our cutting-edge sales motion execution engine. Our platform unifies your enablement, sales, marketing, bizdev, and customer support teams.  Selgine delivers a curated, personalized, and professional customer engagement experience.  Gain 360-degree insights into your team's effectiveness and drive high-performance sales outcomes - more up-selling, cross-selling, and new product introductions. 

Selgine, a seller’s account pursuit concierge

With Selgine, you can:

  • Personalize your sales message to each customer account.

  • Execute just-in time training.

  • Deliver your sales message to the right people, at the right time.

  • Arm your sales team with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed.

  • Enable you and your customers to schedule cross-function meetings with subject matter experts.

  • Track your results and optimize your sales strategy.

  • Gain insights and sentiment on sales, partner, and customer wants and needs.

  • Correlate insights from sales, partners and customers.

  • Author and launch a sales motion in a day or less.

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Cloud & Mobile

Access Selgine anytime and anywhere. You can manage your sales motions and plays from any device, and our platform integrates with all the tools you use to make your sales process as seamless, simple, and efficient as possible.

Data Driven Signals_edited.png

Sales Signals

Selgine's automation is driven by sales signals from seller and customer interactions.  Nurtured nudges, sprawl users, subject matter expert meetings, training and content delivery, as well as targeted surveys help build a digital profile so you can focus on advancing deals and closing business based on real-time sales signals.

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Our platform correlates sales signal insights between your sales and customer interactions, so you can track and course-correct the performance of your sales campaigns in real-time.

Our job is to provide the insights you need to assure a 4X pipeline of opportunities in your CRM system.

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Selgine is highly versatile and pre-integrated with a wide range of applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Google Workplace and others. You can create and customize your sales motions according to your business needs and scale it as your business grows.


Professional services to accelerate your success

At Selgine, we are committed to your sales success and exceptional customer experience. Our dedicated team of advisors and consultants can help you develop your sales play strategy to execute your sales motion campaigns; and our enterprise-grade support is available to help you with any issues that you may encounter.

Trusted among industry leaders

Our partners pre-built integrations help Selgine seamlessly grow the value from the products and services you've already invested in.

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What’s in it for you...


Sales &  BizDev Benefits

Uncover latent revenue

Automated nurturing & nudges

Reduce salesforce churn by sellers hitting their numbers

Quickly train new hires just-in-time while driving deal flow

Meet more with customers, with automated meeting scheduling

Gain visibility through customer responsiveness and engagement 

Discover new power players at your account

Up the quality of customer engagements & sentiment through correlated surveys


Marketing Benefits

Market at scale

Undeniable ROI by correlating sales motion activities with opportunities created in Salesforce

Radical productivity, automate interactions with the salesforce

Cultivate best-practices by replicating successful motions with ease

Niche marketing to over-looked segments & niches 

Survey & correlate customer and sales insights 

Train, just-in-time 

Continuous feedback on  marketing asset usage


Customer Benefits

Experience the personal touch from your account exec, who never drops the ball, nurturing the process

Reduce noise in your life with suppliers who engage you with relevant pinpoint opportunities, not broadcasts

Make informed go / no-go decisions with access to SMEs that address your expert questions

Discover opportunities for improvement and new solutions

Make your wants and needs heard to your direct supplier contacts through survey participation


Give yourself credit, and pay for what you use.

How many sales motions do you plan to run?  The more sales plays you commit to consume, the lower your cost per sales play.

Get ready to sell smarter at scale

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